The University Estates Property Owners Association, Inc. ("Association"), through the Design Review Committee (the "DRC"), promotes and maintains the character, beauty, quality, and economic value of the community by ensuring compatibility of design.  The DRC evaluates any building expansion, any exterior addition or modification, or any change to the landscaping plan involving twenty (20) percent or more of the open space on any Lot to ensure they conform in appearance and construction to the minimum requirements contained in the Design Review Criteria (the "Criteria").

The Criteria are found on this website here: Design Review Criteria


The Design Review Committee (DRC) must review and give written approval of any exterior addition or modification that a property owner plans to execute on his or her lot before any work can commence. 

Property owners should submit plans and specifications for DRC evaluation and approval to the Community Association Manager (the "Manager") and include four (4) completed copies of the Application for Design Review Committee Approval (the "Application"). The Application is found on this website here: DRC Application You must drop off 4 copies of your DRC application at the Clubhouse at 14560 Worchester Drive.  There is a mail slot on the front of the building.  All DRC applications must be received by the committee within 7 business days prior to the monthly scheduled meeting. 

The DRC will review all properly submitted applications.  The DRC may request any additional required information from the property owner within 30 business days from the date that the application was reviewed by the DRC. All work must be completed within 180 calendar days of the approved date by the DRC.  

Property owners are reminded there is a color palette for exterior painting approved by the Board of Directors.  They may obtain a list of these colors from the Manager or find them on this website here:  Exterior Colors

Property owners may select from the approved colors at Sherwin-Williams stores or take Sherwin-Williams samples of the approved colors to other vendors for comparison and selection of similar colors prior to submitting applications to the DRC.  Colors may also be viewed on the Sherwin-Williams website.  The DRC may authorize color variations in shade or tint from different paint and stain manufacturers, but only for those colors approved by the Board of Directors.

The following are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the application process:

When should I submit an application?

An application should be submitted at least thirty (30) business days before starting any work

When will my application be approved or disapproved?

No later than thirty (30) business days after the application has been received by the Manager

When may I begin work?

Work may begin as soon as you receive written confirmation of the approval from the Manager

What changes or modifications require approval?

All additions, improvements, or exterior changes require approval

What are the most common changes or modifications?

  • Building an addition to the house
  • Installing a tool or storage shed
  • Painting the exterior of the house (even if repainting the same color)
  • Changing the color or materials of the roof
  • Changing the appearance of the exterior of the house
  • Installing a pool
  • Making major landscaping changes
  • Installing a fence
  • Installing a children's swing set or basketball goal

Refer to the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions  for University Estates for further explanations.  The document is found on this website here: Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions


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