Monitoring Committee

Members are responsible for ensuring that homeowners are equally and collectively concerned with their impact on the beauty of the community as a whole. On occasion, the team may report infractions of the University Estates governing documents. This team is essential as our property values and quality of life are impacted by the collective standards of our picturesque community throughout all neighborhoods. Committee members often use a set of pictorial guidelines to judge if property elements remain within established neighborhood standards. An example of these guidelines and  the monitoring charter are available for download at the following links: 

Monitoring Committee Guidelines


Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee decides fines for violation of the rules, regulations, bylaws, covenants, restrictions, or agreements of the Association. The Compliance Committee shall consist of a chairperson and two or more Members of the Association, as defined in Article IV of the Articles of Incorporation. The Committee shall be appointed by the Board. The Committee shall elect a chairperson from among its members and will consist of at least three members appointed by the board. At least three members of the Committee shall conduct the Compliance Committee hearing per Florida Statute 720.305.

Compliance (Fining/Suspension) Committee


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