University Estates includes nine lakes and drainage areas for water control. A professional environmental service inspects all of our lakes once a month to maintain an ecological balance. Each of our lakes has a unique make-up. Each one of them may have small to larger amounts of aquatics (grasses, weeds) or algae depending on the time of year (sun, rain) and/or the nature of the lake (shallowness or depth). The lakes include natural fish as well as stock sterile carp for weed control.

St. John’s Water Management District requires that our lakes, wetlands, and conservation areas are part of the local ecological balance. Though manmade, our lakes are to be as natural as possible, providing a wildlife habitat. 

The Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) budget provides for maintenance to retention ponds in the University Estates subdivision. The University Estates Property Owners Association has an legal binding agreement with Orange County and the St. John's Water Management District to maintain the retention ponds including mowing, weed control, mosquito control, and repair of water control devices.

When we look at the lakes, they look beautiful and add to the community. But they are not there just there for good looks.  Besides being wetlands, they serve two other functions.  

•First, they provide storm drainage.  Without these lakes our houses would flood in the event of a severe storm or hurricane.  The big drains you see along the roads drain into the lakes which in turn drain into the waterway between UE and UCF.  The lakes are not at the same height.  Each one is slightly lower than the next allowing the water to drain out of one into the next.  At the end of each lake is something called a weir which is simply a small dam.  

•The second reason for the lakes is pollution control.  The lakes act as a natural filter. That’s why we ask residents to try to keep as much garbage out of the road because it all ends up in the lakes.  Fertilizer and grass clippings from yards also end up in the lake and can encourage out of control plant growth.

University Estates homeowners are fortunate to have beautiful lakes and a healthy wildlife population.  Residents enjoy walking, picnicking, and fishing along these lakes. Homeowners can help by picking up litter and being respectful of the wildlife around us to ensure that the drainage and ecological requirements of the lakes are being met. Homeowners are reminded that no gas or diesel boats are permitted in the lakes. Homeowners whose property is adjacent to the lakes have additional restrictions as set forth in our Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.


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