University Estates Property Owners Association maintains common areas for the enjoyment of the residents and their accompanied guests, These common areas includes the lakes, playground, tennis and basketball courts and the clubhouse.   These common areas, including the lakes, are private property owned and maintained by the association.

You may have noticed brown signs along the lakes, by the clubhouse, and the other recreational areas. These signs give notice that Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies have been authorized by the Property Owners Association to issue trespass warnings on behalf of the UEPOA to anybody trespassing on common areas. The definition of trespassers is not limited to non-residents, but can include residents depending on the circumstances. The recreational areas have signs listing the rules and hours for use, Anybody in the recreational areas after hours is trespassing. It makes no difference if the trespasser is a resident. Deputies can use their discretion about whether to issue a formal trespass warning. Somebody who refuses to leave after receiving a trespass warning or returns within the next year can be arrested for criminal trespass.

Recently, there have been instances of non-residents coming to University Estates to fish in the lakes. While these people may not be causing harm, they are still considered trespassers and are subject to receiving warnings.

The UEPOA believes that the trespass policy is a valuable tool for addressing mischief and nuisances in the common areas, and people who come into our community uninvited. Any resident can call our property manager or the Sheriff’s Office to make a complaint about trespass in the common areas. Our security service is on property at various times, but usually in the hours and days to limit mischief on site. 

Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the University Estates Property manager


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